1. Can you tell me the pro’s of having a 35mm? Does this mean you cannot zoom in and out? What is lomography? I’d appreciate you helping a noob.

    1. hi there, welcome to 35mm or film photography in general.
      i’ll try to be helpful and be careful as well on my answers as there are a lot of film photo enthusiasts/experts out there 🙂

      -i would love to try slide film or other format but the main reason why i stick to using 35mm is the availability and cost of 35mm films and the laboratories/shops that still process them. in my experience they are still widely available, specifically, when you travel around.
      -it depends on the camera that you have. i have a kenko-kf 1n SLR which i used with a second hand lens if i want to use a zoom in/out functionality. but if you have a 35mm compact camera (mine is olympus trip) or plastic lens camera (lomography camera, the first he first film camera i have when i started this blog is diana mini), there is usually functionality that dictates how far you should be standing when you capture a subject.
      -lomography is an analog camera movement, they produce and sell film/film cameras and also a community for enthusiast. check out their website for more tips and info (

      hope my answers help you somehow. go ahead and start your film journey, for sure you will enjoy it 🙂

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